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I'm a nice guy but...

sometimes I wish I wasn't so nice. I hate, and I mean hate strangers who sit down next to you and start talking to you like they know you about stupid shit. Now I am not talking about someone sitting down and saying hi and doing the whole small talk routine to be friendly to maybe get to know you. That's fine. What I'm talking about is someone who approaches and sits up close to you (even though there are 3 benches and there is no one else sitting on any of them) while you are obviously busy reading a book and asks, "How does my face look?" WHAT???!!! So I'm a nice guy and I start talking to this girl about her acne problem because she is visibly upset about it for some unknown reason. I go back to reading my book and she makes the comment, "Boy I sure can't wait to move." As she gets no response from me after about 30 seconds she REPEATS THE SAME STATEMENT! At this point I am angry because she has disturbed my peace and invaded my personal space when all I wanted to do was read my fucking book. So all i say is, "Oh Yeah?" and she goes into what had to be a 10 minute explanation of why she wants to move closer to the college. I don't even know this person nor do I care why she wants to move. I JUST WANT TO READ MY FUCKING BOOK AND BE LEFT ALONE! I had a very long first day of summer semester and had been at school for 10 hours and was trying to relax before I had to get on the bus by reading my book. But Nooooooooooo, not gonna happen. So I, being a nice guy, put the book away and had a conversation with her. It was better than having a confrontation with her and having her go off the hook because I was rude and wouldn't talk to her. As soon as I got on the bus I went to the back and thank god she stayed up front. I am very aware of my surroundings and would never go up to someone who was reading or had their nose in their phone or whatever and try to start a conversation with them. There is a non-verbal cue there to not disturb that person. God I hate stupid or inconsiderate people. Ok I'm done.

So it seems...

that my journal lately has been a place for me to vent about stupid shit I need to say something about so here goes another.

I sit down this morning in the computer lab at school in the MAC section to work on a project for a bit before lunch and sitting next to me is this disgusting pig of an older, unkempt woman who has decided to set up her breakfast table and eat while she is using a MAC. First of all she has her MAC Book hooked up as well which makes little sense to me. Why are you taking up space at a MAC using your laptop when other students might need to be using the school's MAC (there are only 20 in the lab) for work. She isn't using the school's MAC, she's using her own laptop. There are plenty of tables for laptop users. Anyway, she proceeds to eat her breakfast which consists of (from what I can see) 3 different sized cups of coffee, a huge cookie, and an egg sandwich. Ok, I know that this is a pretty big lab and it's hard to monitor everyone but I hate it when I sit down to a computer here at school and there is food all over the desk and the mouse is sticky. You get the picture. There are a ton of signs up everywhere that say no food in the lab. I would get up to say something to the attendants but I am sure she would know that I ratted her out and I really don't feel like getting into a confrontation with this woman. I will tell them on my way out in a few minutes though. LOL It's ok if you want to sit at your desk at home and eat while you are on your own computer but not at school on a computer and desk that other people have to use. I am a very considerate person and always think about others and when I see someone doing this it just irritates me to no end.

Mar. 10th, 2011

OK I had to go off about this today for no other reason than I CAN! I am so tired of seeing these guys here at school who think they're the shit walking around with the ridiculous Beats headphones. Fine they're supposed to sound really good and were designed by Dr. Dre. BIG FUCKIN DEAL! And no I'm not jealous because I don't have a pair. Actually I can barely hold back the laugh and want to walk up to them and tell them how they got ripped off for 230.00! Yes 230.00 for a pair of headphones just because they have a name on them. If they're looking for quality there are headphones by other manufacturers out ther with the same specs for a lot less. I guess the real reason I'm goin off about this is because I really hate to see people swayed by the label in our society. I have always bought and used something because I like it not because of the label and the status that may bring. I'm proud to be one of the un-cool people who don't get suckered in by the brainwashing advertisers out there today. I'm done!


Ok I can't believe what I just heard on the news. It seems there is a college scholarship out there that is for Caucasian people only and everyone is all up in arms about it. There are scholarships out there that are only for Hispanics and African-Americans why can't there be one for Caucasians? I am sick and tired of paying for and feeling bad because of the behavior of people that had the same skin color as I do who treated other people badly hundreds of years ago!!!! I am not even related to them but I am continually reminded how it's alright for someone of color to be treated special because they were oppressed by the white man. People need to shut up and let others do what they want. If you are upset about a scholarship that benefits white people then maybe we should do away with all the scholarships that are non-inclusive. Now how upset will those special groups who are benefiting from these non-inclusive scholarships be? It's ridiculous. This is why I don't watch the news. LOL

I just got back from...



seeing Gravity Radio by Mikel Rouse and it was nothing short of amazing. This was my first exposure to his work and I am a fan for sure! It was like nothing I've ever seen or heard in my life. If you have a chance to ever see him I recommend it.

You can see what it's all about here...



1028101247.jpg, originally uploaded by bruchovelky.

Well I got picked to be a contestant on Tri-C's Fear Factor today I would have won an Ipad but didn't bob for apples in the oatmeal fast enough and came in 3rd. I had to eat a ton of disgusting things but the adrenaline kicked in and I ate everything without puking.


1027102042.jpg, originally uploaded by bruchovelky.

This is where I sit in the control room for my advanced TV production class. Yay, new toys to play with!


1023102050.jpg, originally uploaded by bruchovelky.

I'm feeling a bit undead. First Halloween party of the season!

My Dinner OMG!

0913101802.jpg, originally uploaded by bruchovelky.

Holy dinner batman! It weighs about 3 pounds and only 5 bucks.